Education Cleaning Services
Hudor Retail and Education Cleaning Services have been delivering and innovating bespoke retail cleaning solutions for over 6 years to some of Australia’s most recognized organizations and brands. Our solutions ensure that the moment a customer leaves their vehicle or approaches a store, Hudor’s cleaning team who created the best possible first impression that it is clean, welcoming and safe. Hudor’s delivery methods were designed around the merchandise on display ensuring limited use of water an application for the most environmentally friendly products around upholstery clothing, food, and electrical products.
Just like the Commercial or Industrial sector, in the retail sector, our job is to ensure we help you to contribute to maximizing the sales floor potential. Cleaning teams are trained to understand the values and expectations of our customers and the environments in which they operate. For example, should we need to replace a fallen item back into the racking or shelving? We ensure that the relevant processes are followed to see it placed back as the merchandiser intended. Cleaning methods, equipment, and chemicals are carefully selected by understanding the science behind how bacteria and germs are transmitted. This is the best evidence within washroom facilities. By regular cleaning of touchpoints throughout the day, once the initial claims have been completed. And by working collaboratively with the washroom stakeholders, theater maintenance or stop replenishment need.
For Hudor, it’s all about partnership and people. A team of hundreds of expertise is working across the QLD. They are collaboratively working to achieve our client’s goal every day. That’s how we all grow. With Hudor’s service, you can experience a fresh approach, certainty of delivery, continuous improvement and value for money.

When it comes to education building, it is not only about the building. And its about more than a classroom. Education Cleaning Services is about creating an environment that gives kids the best opportunity to learn. And we value the part we play to create that environment. Hudor education cleaning team is reliable, dependable, trustworthy and efficient. Our professional technicians receive full background checks and are always courteous. Your CCG point of contact can be reached directly at anytime and will meet with you anytime to discuss your satisfaction.

Our customizable solutions consider your budget, your flow of traffic and your unique cleaning needs. Our clean for health program uses the same innovative methods and processes that we use to clean medical facilities. Hudor cleaning solution works with you to create a safe and secure environment for learning.