You can expect high-level Specialist Cleaning Services from Hudor commercial floor cleaning. Hudor is proud to provide healthy cleaning. Your health and safety are one of our main priorities. We always ensure our commercial cleaning service meets the health and safety policy. And we talk all the necessary steps to meet that.

Since years, Hudor is called upon for numerous dust and cleaning projects that can’t be done by an average or typical housekeeping crew. They can’t reach those hard-to-reach areas like pipes, beams of a commercial building, shopping center, manufacturing building or even industrial plants. Our best in the world techniques can capture those dust from the source.

Dust inhalation isn’t good at all. Especially in the food and beverage sector and shopping malls. By doing high dusting, Hudor manages to access hard to reach areas in the open ceiling to remove any kind of dirt. This dust pollutes the indoor air and people inhale it which causes many diseases. So, to keep the air fresh, Hudor is always here to help your commercial building, industrial plant, shopping mall. Dust settles in some of the most hard-to-reach places, especially when it comes to large buildings and warehouses. To remove unwanted dust and cobwebs, High Clean professional operatives can reach any difficult access place by use of extendable dusters and other unique access equipment.

As Hudor maintain a high level of health and safety standard, our high-level cleaning aims to satisfy the client with the least disruption. For a different work environment, we have different techniques and equipment so that your work can’t hamper by us.

High Level Window Cleaning Services

Hudor is the industry leader in high-level window cleaning. What we did is, we’ve opted for a new technique called the Water Fed system. It is safe, easy to use and most importantly, environment-friendly. Let me tell you how the Water Fed system works. Water Fed System uses de-ionized water to clean the window dust. That ionized water is nothing but supercharged water molecules. And those charged water molecules can easily attract all the dirt on any surface upon contact. It is a better and safer cleaning tech. This revolutionary method of cleaning has revolutionized the window cleaning industry in many ways.

  • Safety – The system removes the need to work at height. The system uses 100% purified laboratory quality water. This pure water which is pumped through carbon telescopic poles. These poles have the ability to access windows up to the height of 4 floors from the safety of the ground.
  • Cost Effective – The system is quicker than conventional window cleaning methods. Can save up to 40% on costs. Eliminates the need for expensive access equipment hire.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Reducing the use of detergent and chemicals.
  • The system cleans frames as well as windows, enhancing the whole building. Usage of purified water technology allows for streak and mark-free cleaning.
  • High Wash is one of the usual choices for heights of up to 20 meters (65 feet).
Building wash

Let’s face the truth. A dirty, dusty building exterior is not good for your business at all. It is common sense. What will people say if they see a poorly maintained building is your own commercial house? That’s why it is as important to clean your building’s exterior as you do for your building’s interior. Hudor’s building washing team can rescue you from this uncomfortable situation. We give your building’s hard surfaces superior. With our Specialist Cleaning Services and complete washing solution, once again they’ll look beautiful, clean and clear every time.

Mold dirt and unappealing grind can build up over time on the exterior of your building leaving it looking tired and unsightly. Again, we’ll use Water Fed poles to scrub the exterior of your building returning the facade to its former unblemished glory. We clean each panel face, window or section of the building independently. Then rinse with water to leave the exterior stain free. We can clean buildings up to 6 stories high from the ground. And above that, we can abseil.

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